10 best places to travel with mum

Ever dreamt of going on a trip with the most important woman in your life? Spending time with your mother is always full of never-ending conversations, silly jokes, good food and gossip about relations. It’s always a lot of fun. 

So, with Mother’s Day around the corner, we asked people why they would love to travel with their mums. Here’s what they had to say:

  • To bring back old memories of time spent with your mother.
  • To experience the sheer joy of traveling with Ma.
  • Trips with mum can never be boring because you have so much to talk about. It feels fantastic to inspire and encourage each other.  
  • You can be yourself when traveling with mum.
  • Because mums are so much more adventurous than you sometimes!

With this in mind, we put together a list of ten destinations that are just perfect for a getaway with your mum. These destinations offer a blend of adventure, food, relaxation and shopping, but more than that, it’s the experience of sharing all of these things with your mother that will make it a memorable travel experience.  Plan your next holiday with mum now with an exclusive Byond gift (Contact us for more details) ! 

1) A tropical paradise

Source: Karibu World

Bali is synonymous with stunning beaches, natural beauty, cultural experiences, religious monuments, never-ending adventure, endless shopping and warm, welcoming locals. You’ll get to enjoy a laidback atmosphere, exotic food, rich heritage and plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies. Mum can indulge in a relaxing Aromatherapy massage in the comfort of a luxury resort or do a trolley dash in the busy shopping district of Ubud. A silver making or handmade cream workshop would also be lovely. You don’t want to keep mum idle for too long.

2) Namaste Nepal

Source: Flickr Hive Mind

Fancy a true travel escape? Nepal tops the list. With stunning pagodas, innumerable world heritage sites, sacred monuments and mountain peaks, chaotic streets, wonderful wildlife safaris and a plethora of adventure/exciting activities, Nepal is the kind of place you’d take your mum without any hesitation. What’s more? It offers excellent value for money. Which means mum is going to pat you on your back for not squandering money on her. P.S. Don’t forget to take her on a short trek along the world’s best routes in the Annapurna region.

3) Tiger trails

Source: A Lifetime Trip

Spotting an animal in their natural habitat is an experience of a lifetime. Why not take mum on a journey she’d never forget? Ranthambore is ‘THE’ place for the millennial mommy. Mums have a natural appreciation for local village women who work hard to show their talent, be it making silk and woolen rugs or a painting or pottery. It would be a crime not to take her to a local crafts village.

Plus, thanks to social media, mums are totally tech savvy now. They would be thrilled to take a close-up shot of a tiger and religiously post it on Facebook for the world to see or on the family Whatsapp group.

4) Charming China

Source: Wikipedia

China as we all know is a land of diversity – imperial palaces, towering skyscrapers, incredible food, breathtaking landscapes and amazing markets where you’d find everything from fine silks to exquisite tea sets. Mum would love to wander through the busy streets, sample the best of Chinese cuisine, visit the Great Wall, mingle with locals and learn how to converse in Chinese. Get ready to laugh and make incredible memories with your mother that you’d cherish years from now. CLICK HERE TO TRAVEL WITH MUM TO CHINA.

5) The land of the Zulus

Source: Greg Lumley

Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend time with mum exploring world’s best national parks, meeting interesting people, trying your hand at snorkeling, sampling wine, doing a lazy lunch in a game reserve and soaking up the sunshine on a sandy beach? You can have all of this and more in South Africa. Mum would feel on top of this world when you hold her hand and explore various towns along the garden route. There is always something new to be discovered on a trip to South Africa.

6) Gem of South-East Asia

Source: Absolute Internship

Singapore is arguably one the most fun destinations if you want to hang out with mum. There is shopping, nightlife, art museums, colorful theme parks, wildlife and much more on offer here. Although famous for its skyscrapers, the city has been transformed into a garden city with parks in every nook and corner. Not a bad idea to take mum on a picnic doing some of the things she’d enjoy. Maybe watch a Cantonese opera show or rent a bike and roam one of the islands or just ogle at the magnificent skyline at night.

7) Kingdom of hidden treasures

Source: Byond Travel

How about getting out of that comfort zone and take mum on a quirky trip to Bhutan? Witness giant penises painted everywhere, explore a variety of architectural styles, pass through winding roads and green valleys, drive alongside the massive mountain peaks, uncover the truth behind ancient monasteries, visit larger than life fortresses, dabble in archery, pray for inner peace, participate in some of the most colorful festivals of the world. Don’t think mum would have much energy left after all of this. 

8) An ode to Greece

Image Credits: North2South Photographers

Picture this! You and mum relaxing on a lounge chair in a beach tavern laughing about a pesky aunt who is always worried about when you’d get married. If you’ve any time left, use it to unearth interesting stories of ancient Greek mythology, soak up the Mediterranean sunshine, stopover at ancient landmarks, savor on the fresh seafood, walk on black volcanic sands and marvel at the majestic scenery. Greece is just the place to give mum the much-needed relaxation. CLICK HERE TO TRAVEL TO GREECE WITH MOM

9) A Roman Holiday

Source: Pacific World

Colorful sailboats, old churches, cool waters of the Mediterranean, flower markets, antique shops, the Colosseum and the world-famous Blue Grotto awaits you and mum in scenic Italy. Together, you’ll walk through Renaissance streets, see world-famous art in Rome, drive through the scenic countryside and picturesque streets, relish delicious pastries and wine, enjoy bouts of shopping and indulge in little escapades. Mum is sure going to love the landscape and historical past of Italy. Learn and laugh a lot while making tons of unforgettable memories with her. TRAVEL TO ITALY WITH MUM

10) Adventurous Kenya

Source: Africa Safari Classics

Looking for an active adventure holiday? Head to Kenya right now. Catch a glimpse of a leopard perched atop a tree or a cheetah sitting on a mound at the Masai Mara, one of the most famous game reserves in the world. Enjoy a host of activities such as wildlife safaris, bird watching, windsurfing, and fishing. You might discover a side of mum that you never knew existed. Apart from the adventure activities, mum is sure to love learning about some of the most ancient tribes and traditions.

Now that you have so many options – it’s time to make memories, have fun and connect with mum like you’ve never done before. Plan that trip that you’ve always wanted to make her feel special.

Lakshmi is a freelance travel writer who loves to explore new places and try out new things. Her dream is to travel around the world with just a backpack and an SLR. She is also passionate about dance, photography, and cooking. She is a proud mother of Dhruv, a 6-year-old karate champion, and dance enthusiast. Dhruv is very adventurous and loves to make new friends.

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  1. Very nice article Laksh.Feeling proud of you.Yes , I would like to travel with you to all these places though I have visited some of them.Singapore is one of them though I have visited couple of times long back.It looks so beautiful.Also China.The Great Wall of china keeps tempting me.Hopefully this will happen. Congrats once again and best wishes for the future.

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