10 Reasons Why Italy Will Ruin Your Life

There are plenty of beautiful countries across the world that all of us should set aside time to visit. But we won’t be surprised if Italy is on top of your list. Whether it’s culture, history, fashion, scenic landscapes or luxury, this country has it all (We’re going to Italy this June. Click here for more information). However, be warned – after a trip to Italy, your life will never be the same. Here’s why:

1) Nothing can top waking up to views like these

Fresh air. Picturesque landscapes. And no one to disturb you. Living in crowded cities is going to be nightmarish after this.

The Tuscan Countryside (Source: The Beauty of Travel)

2) You can drink a cup of fresh café latte every morning if you want to

Source: Luxos

3) In Italy, you won’t ever have a problem impressing a date

Source: Travel and Culinary
Beautifully lit avenues, a Gondola ride in blue waters. How are you ever going to top this?

4) You’ll be completely spoiled by delicious Italian cuisine

Source: Pinterest (Raashi Ilbert)
A second helping of spaghetti followed by gelato? Yes, please!

5) Plus, where else can you find Renaissance art always around the corner?

In Rome, you can see masterpieces by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo whenever you feel like.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

6) And where else will a walk through the streets remind you of Medieval Europe?

Source: Walks of Italy

…so much so that you’d wish you were living in the Middle Ages.

7) Imagine not having this view en route to the office

Source: Travel Digg

8) And in Italy, there’s always something magical waiting to be discovered

Source: Feel the Planet
Like The Blue Grotto, a beautiful glowing sea cave in Capri. It’s going to be hard to be this impressed anywhere else in the world.

9) The Italians feed you like you’re part of the family

After home-cooked meals with great company, how will you ever go back to microwaved meals in front of the TV?

Source: Italian Excursions

10) Yep, you’ll never settle again for a life that isn’t full of Vespas and the finest wine

Image Credits: Pallavi Nopany

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Travelling to Italy will ruin your life afterwards, but it will be totally worth it! So join us as we travel to Italy this June, and visit the Colosseum, drink wine in Tuscany, go shopping, and eat lots and lots of gelato throughout. Want more information? Fill out the form below! We’ll get in touch with you to tell you more.

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