11 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Go To Morocco Right Now

Mediterranean sun, rugged terrains and friendly locals – this is just one face of Morocco, a country steeped in scenic landscapes, with plenty of exciting things to do and places to explore. Don’t believe us? Here are 11 photos that will convince you that Morocco is THE place to be:

1) Rick’s Cafe – Casablanca

If you have watched the iconic movie Casablanca, then you’re sure to find this place familiar. Fall in love all over again at Rick’s Café just like Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman did.

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And don’t forget to enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner with the best seafood and wine you’d ever find.

2) Fez 

You can walk up the Merenid tombs for spectacular views of Fez– a change from the crowded alleys of the city. Experience the best of both worlds.

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3) The Atlas Mountains

Nothing can beat a trek through the Atlas Mountain terrain. 

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Or a long drive

Source: Legal Nomads

4) Tinmel Mosque

Marvel at the beautiful architectural monument perched atop the modern village of Tin Mal.  

Source: Twitter

Tajine – A Moroccan dish

Ever fancied eating out of a pot?

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Gorge on Tajine, a famous Moroccan delicacy named after the pot in which it is cooked.

Hassan II Mosque

Witness the best of Moroccan craftsmanship.

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Gnawa musicians playing music on drums, colourful carpets and bright-blue fishing boats will welcome you into this quaint, laidback, peaceful, seaside resort town

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Put your feet up and enjoy the sunshine.


Experience the life of a nomad in the Sahara Desert. A desert tour might just do the trick.

Source: Snappy Goat

Tower of Hassan – Rabat

An incomplete mosque can be as beautiful as a fully constructed one. Intended to be the largest in the world, the sheer size of the mosque will leave you speechless.

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Get transported to a totally different world. Pretty and quirky with various shades of blue, Chefchaouen is one of the prettiest towns in Morocco.

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Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re planning your Morocco trip right at this moment. And guess what? We are doing the same! This June, we are travelling with a small group of women to go on a road trip exploring the Atlas Mountains, dine at Rick’s cafe, shop in souks and more. Interested? Then click here for more information.


This post was written by Lakshmi Subramanian, a freelance travel writer who loves to explore new places and try out new things. Her dream is to travel around the world with just a backpack and an SLR. She is also passionate about dance, photography, and cooking. She is a proud mother of Dhruv, a 6-year-old karate champion, and dance enthusiast. 



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