16 Questions To Find Your Perfect Road Trip Partner

Travelling with someone you may not know all that well is an unique experience that certainly forges lifelong bonds, or, if done wrong, can drive an irreversible wedge between you and someone you would have got along great with otherwise. Not everyone is going to make your perfect partner-in-crime, so before your next trip, it might be best to take a moment to make sure your potential travel buddy is someone with whom you can actually travel – using these simple questions:

1) Do they have a driving license, or has the majority of their skills come from playing Need For Speed?

2) Do they know first aid?

3) Will they be able to read a map when both of your phones die and you’re Google Map-less?

4) How good are their bargaining skills, and seeing through the lies that fleece thousands of other travellers, on a daily basis?

5) Considering you’re quite possibly going to be forced to listen to each other’s music playlists at some point – what do they enjoy, and what do they absolutely hate? Are they okay with listening to your Taylor Swift dubstep remixes on endless repeat?

6) Do they require luxury accommodation, or are they okay sharing a bed with about two dozen insects comprising roaches, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, beetles and, possibly, a lizard or two?

7) Do. They. Snore?

8) In case of an emergency, how available are obscene amounts of cash to them?

9) What’s their budget when they’re not accessing obscene amounts of emergency cash?

10) How prepared are they for the trip you’re taking?

11) If your car should break down, do they have the skills to help you fix it?

12) What languages can they manage reasonable fluency in? Most importantly, in an emergency, can they speak Cop?

13) Do they prefer set itineraries, or wandering the streets of who-knows-where all wily-nily?

14) What shameful vices do you both enjoy indulging in, should the opportunity arise?

15) What are their picture taking skills like? Are they the answer to your prayers for the perfect Facebook cover photo?

16) Are they open to new experiences, exploration, a little learning and a lotta fun?

It’s probably a good idea to go through the list of things either of you absolutely must do on this trip – or things they absolutely can’t stand the very idea of trying.

As with all things, compromise is key. Keeping your travelling companion’s preferences in mind – and, indeed, knowing what they are in the first place – can help you avoid some unpleasant bumps down the road. Heaven knows enough tend to crop up on their own.



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