This traveller knows exactly why New Zealand should top your bucketlist

When Reshmi Buthello – an HR professional who loves travelling in her free time – decided to go to New Zealand, little did she expect to find a land of scenic grandeur studded with experiences that surprised and inspired her, and challenged her to live a bigger, more adventurous life.

As Reshmi discovered, this country may be small, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character. (P.S. We’re going to New Zealand this April 2017! Join us for a trip featuring glow worm caves, jet boat ride on Huka Falls, a visit to the iconic natural gorge Milford Sound, helicopter rides, Maori craftsmen and more. CLICK HERE for more details on this exclusive women-only group trip).

Here, she tells us why New Zealand should definitely be on your bucket list.

why did you decide to visit new Zealand?

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New Zealand was always on the top of my bucket list. It’s an exotic and faraway land, and I was really excited to visit this place that was famous for adventure activities.

whICH places did you visit?

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We visited Queenstown, Te Anau, Twizel, Milford Sound, Mount Cook, Christchurch and Auckland.

does NEW ZEALAND really look like middle earth?

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Yes, it does look like Middle Earth. Even though it was raining while we were there, we still had an amazing experience because it was so beautiful. It’s no surprise that the Lord of The Rings movies were filmed here.

new Zealand is famous for adrenaline thrills. did you dare do any activities? how was the experience?

Yes, we did go bungee jumping – although I am afraid of heights! But if I had to choose a place to experience bungee jumping again, it would definitely be at A.J. Hackett on Kawarau bridge. We also went biking for 16 km, along the Arrow River Bridges Trail.

did you meet any kiwis (the bird)?

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Yes, I did see Kiwis! One strange thing that I learnt about them is that they are nocturnal and prefer to only come out at night.

Milford Sound is called the ‘8th Wonder of the World’. Do you agree?

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Milford Sound was mystical, with more than 1000 waterfalls!  And yes, this famous fjord, which is celebrated for its remote and rugged beauty does qualify as a wonder of the world.

What is your favourite memory from this trip?

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I was fascinated with the beauty of the South Island. There were places where lupine flowers just spread for miles, with the frozen mountains in the background.

What did you love about travelling in this country?

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The best thing about travelling in New Zealand is that it is a beautiful place where nature is truly at its best.

any tips for travelLers planning to visit New Zealand?

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My top travel tip for New Zealand is to drive and take your time. A quick trip will not do justice to this fascinating place where there is so much to explore and experience.

And any ‘must do’ activities?

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Sky diving, bungee jumping and long cycle rides are activities you don’t want to miss!

So, if New Zealand is part of your bucket list, say no more! Join us this summer on a journey to this land where glowing caves, green mountains, silver falls, starry skies and friendly locals are bound to give you memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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