5 ‘Chinese Dishes’ That Were Never Chinese

We Indians love Chinese food. In fact, our chefs are experts at preparing Hakka noodles and chicken fried rice. But wait, are these even Chinese dishes? (JOIN OUR GROUP TRIP TO CHINA AND EAT AUTHENTIC CUISINE)

The answer is NO. As delicious (and spicy) as they are, most of us confuse Indian-Chinese food with Chinese cuisine, and never get the chance to try out the authentic fare.

Here are 5 such dishes that were never Chinese to begin with:

1) momos

Nope. Not from mainland China. Momos trace their roots to Tibet. Surprised?

Source: Wikipedia

2) Manchurian dishes

These dishes have nothing to do with the region of Manchuria and would definitely leave the Chinese thinking “When did we ever invent this” ?

Source: Tasty Appetite

Or this.

Source: Wikipedia

3) Chilli Chicken

Well, it is too spicy for Chinese taste buds.

Source: Indian Healthy Recipes


Spice. Oil. And more spice. Not sure whether this is the Chinese way of cooking.  Although it does resemble Tofu (quite deceiving).

Source: Veg Recipes of India

5) General Tso’s chicken

Just another American invention that got insanely popular (General Tso would sue them if he was alive).

Source: Big Oven


Okay! So now, if you’re wondering what traditional Chinese dishes actually look like, here are three of them :

 1) Tofu With rice

Source: NDTV

2) Peking ROast Duck

Source : LA Weekly

3) Beef Noodle Soup

Source: Matador Network

Now you know that you haven’t been eating Chinese food all along. But that’s okay. This September, we are going to try some traditional Chinese food, in CHINA (just to make sure it is authentic).

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