5 Christmas Traditions That Will Make You Smile

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Christmas is memories for all of us. A steamy cup of hot chocolate, the rush in your house, the sweet smell of cake baking in the kitchen and the grand sight of a Christmas tree! But what makes it all special is the time we spend with our loved ones, celebrating old traditions and welcoming the new year.

Here are five such Christmas traditions that may sound unusual, but will nevertheless make you want to be a part of them!

Skating all the way to merriment

Source: Flight Centre

Venture into Caracas (Venezuela’s capital) during Christmas and you will find yourself waving at smiling faces – kids roller skating past your window to the morning Church services!

But that’s not all. Before bedtime, children here tie a string to their toes and let them hang outside the window. And the next morning, the skaters give a light tug to any string they see hanging, waking up the kids with a surprise!

Every Christmas has a silver lining


Source: Vancouver Christmas Market

In Ukraine, prepare to be surprised by the Christmas trees – it’s very likely that you’ll find them decorated with spider webs!

Legend has it that there once lived an old lady who was sad about not having enough money to buy decorations for her Christmas tree.  However, when she and her grandchildren woke up on Christmas, lo and behold! The tree was covered in  cobwebs that shimmered in gold and silver, with the first ray of sun hitting it.

Ever since, Ukrainians have decorated their trees with artificial cobwebs and spiders to celebrate the folklore.

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A messy Christmas affair for good luck

Source: Night Flight

Spain is known for its colorful festivals and a strange (yet vibrant) take on traditions. And their Christmas is no exception.  For instance, in  Catalan, you might end up buying a pooping figurine for a Christmas gift!

Locally known as “Caganer”, this small figurine of a peasant squatting may look weird (to say the least), but the Spanish believe they bring good luck and happiness.

Surprise your loved ones by gifting one of these and tell us how they react!

A love affair with cupid and shoes

Whoever said there’s no such thing as too many shoes clearly didn’t go to Czech republic for Christmas. Be sure to take part in their Christmas tradition – a shoe throwing ceremony!

Unmarried women throw shoes over their shoulder towards the door. Superstition says if the shoe lands pointing towards the door, the girl will get married in the coming year.

But ladies, don’t be sad if yours don’t – you can still have a reason to go for your lucky shoe shopping!

Letters that smell of Christmas

In Canada, writing a letter to old Saint Nick is a beloved Christmas tradition. And every year the ‘elves’ at Canada Post work hard to ensure every child gets a personal response from him. In fact, they accept letters from all around the world. Well, isn’t that just adorable? Write your letters soon!

No matter where you are, you cannot help but experience the pure joy of Christmas. For we all may be different, but we celebrate the good in our own strange and delightful ways.

Comment below and tell us how you celebrated Christmas this year! 🙂

This article was written by Shreya Shashank.

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