6 Hacks To Live In The Moment When You Travel

We all love to travel. And we all have our own ways of travelling. Some of us like to wander and some like to know what exactly lies ahead. Some of us prefer to be the lone wolf on the street while the rest of us like sharing memories with our buddies.

But no matter how different we are when it comes to travelling, we all share the same desires – to have fun, enjoy each moment as it comes and return feeling content.

So here are six hacks to think about when you travel, that can help you live in the moment and make the most of your vacation.

1. Be Slow

Source: My Feet Are Meant To Roam

While travelling, habits inbuilt in you on a daily basis aren’t always relevant because your days  might no longer have the same agenda. Take a break from your routines. Spend some time appreciating where you are in the present.

And if you are trying to do a lot of things all at once, you will probably overlook the wonderful things around you. Let your senses experience and feel. Take your time, whether it is to taste a glass of fine wine or walk in a pretty neighborhood.

2. Just Sit And Be

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There will always be something to attend to, some shopping left, some farewell not bid well. You will always be on the go.

But every now and then, take a moment to just  sit and observe when in a new place. You will start noticing the colour of someone’s clothes, a smile, a tree or even a cool breeze, and realize that at that moment there aren’t other thoughts to cloud your mind!

3. Take up an adventure sport

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This may sound a little out there, but it guarantees you calmness and thrill at the same time! When you do something extreme or adventurous (such as skydiving or simply trekking) that is not a part of your mundane life , then, right in the middle of the act, feeling that bittersweet taste of just having overcome a sense of fear and enjoying the moment, you get a weird sense of calm and beauty.

4. Say No To Devices (Sometimes)

Source: Healthy Travel Blog

If you’re trying to be in the moment, you need to understand  that for this to happen, you have to be fully aware of the moment. Texting, posting things online, capturing images, trying to not get lost, searching for places to check out while already in someplace- all of these distract you from the moment.

Technology while traveling is undoubtedly useful, but it also takes away your attention. Try to refrain from it a little. Try living that one day without your mobile phone or any other electronic device and see how the world can be a different place.

5. Walk A Mile

Source: Pexels

Nothing helps you clear your head and take in deep breaths like long walks. Stroll under the citylight or in faraway greens. Walk alone. Walk with someone. Accompany a stranger on their walk. Or just let some music guide your feet to some interesting place.

6. The Unknowns

Source: Eco Phongnha

This is important. Let there be unknown factors on your trip. What to do next? Not planned. See what best you have in front of you, try something new, something not familiar. It opens up your mind to experiences. Strike up a conversation with a stranger, listen to their stories and their reasons for travelling. Oh, what a difference  fresh perspective makes!

Don’t plan everything. Let there be space for spontaneity and the unknowns. Give yourself a chance to discover!

We believe following these 6 hacks may help you go on a journey filled with richer experiences. Which of these do you already follow? Have they helped you become a better traveller? Tell us about it by commenting below.

This article was written by Shreya Shashank.

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