Halloween Costumes For the Travel-Minded

As October 31st approaches, you’re going to start to hearing talk, amongst your friends, on social media, or even on your favourite travel blogs, of costume plans for this year’s Halloween. There are a lot of themes you can go for, and if you’re thinking of having this year’s costume be a little travel inspired, we’ve got you covered.

1. Traje de Luces 

Source: agnautacouture.com

Get your Diwali attire on this Halloween (nothing wrong with a little cultural fusion) with this ‘suit of lights’. Worn by Spanish bullfighters when they step into the ring, this outfit is sure to draw the eye of everyone in the room. Bonus points if you bring along a friend in a bull costume who can charge at you as you wave your red muleta cloth at him.

2. Kilt

Source: www.kinlochanderson.com

A daring choice for the men, or a fun twist for a woman who might be more comfortable with it, this traditional formal outfit for Scottish men is a familiar sight at a Halloween party. For that extra mile taken, see if you can borrow or rent yourself some bagpipes, although if you actually know how to play them, you probably have your own.

3. Marco Polo

Source: shinymedia.blogs.com

One of History’s greatest explorers, from a time when “roughing it” on a vacation really meant something. The Italian explorer was known for the copious amounts of notes he’d taken, so bring a travel notebook along with you. Who knows, this Halloween might just be a night you’ll want a record of, years down the line.

4. Indiana Jones

Source: the-prez.deviantart.com

No Halloween costume list is complete, really, without a mention of one of the world’s most famous fictional travellers, Indiana Jones himself. One of the easier costumes on the list, a few props and just the right hat can have you ready to explore lost temples and dodge giant boulders faster than you can say, “Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?”

5. Luchadore

Source: www.freshbooks.com

Another colourful outfit to unleash the inner fighter in you, the Mexican luchadore is a great costume for those looking to get more creative. Brightly coloured clothing, masks, and a simple Mexican theme, and you’re all set to make a costume that’s all your own. Don’t forget to come up with an impressive name for yourself – in all honesty, that’s half the fun.

6. Samurai

Source: flickr.com

Whether you choose a simple robe with sandals, or go the more impressive, fully armoured route, the Japanese Samurai is a costume instantly recognizable wherever you go. Known for their steely resolve, and their deep sense of honour, just remember that no samurai costume is complete without the third thing they’re most widely known for, and bring a sword.

7. Flight Attendant

Source: www.thrillist.com

It might be worth it for just a moment to take a step back to appreciate one of the travelling world’s unsung heroes – the flight attendant. That uniformed, pleasant air travel companion whose entire job is dedicated to keeping you safe and comfortable as you’re taken to your destination. Have fun wearing this outfit for a night…but try not to get too mad when someone asks you for a little bag of peanuts.

8. Tour Guide

Source: mouseplanet.com

And while we’re on the subject of travelling’s unsung heroes, let’s not forget the tour guide. Keep it formal, keep it simple, and while this might not be the most easily recognizable costume, it’s a gimmick that will pay off when you provide fascinating travel facts for every single time you’re asked, “And who are you supposed to be?”

Whether you plan to go all out on your costume, or keep it light with a simple gimmick this Halloween, don’t miss the chance to throw a sense of wanderlust out into the night.


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