Escaping Big City Life: 5 Best De-stress-tinations near India

Happy city getaways

We understand.  You’re tired of your nine-to-five grind. Every morning, you wish you were somewhere outside of the busy city choked with incessant noise, irritating traffic jams, deceitful auto meters, overcrowded malls and restaurant cues.

This is too much to bear!

If you can relate to this, you need to book a flight, pack your bags and escape. Pronto.

If you feel like some R&R on the beach . . . Head to the Maldives


Welcome to bliss. This infamous island archipelago of uncrowded white beaches and calm, clear turquoise waters is a place of beauty and serenity. Here, you will be content. You can breathe in the salty air of the sea and laze by the water, soaking up the sun. Your skin will be speckled gold with sand and sunshine. Your stress will fade into the sticky sweet smell of sunscreen. And the memories you make will keep you warm, lingering far longer than your tan. Wanna CTFO in the Maldives? Learn more.

Average flight time, India to the Maldives: approx. 2- 3 hours

Don’t miss: Drinking a glass of local Raa, toddy that has been tapped from palm trees.

If you’re iTCHING for a ride on wild Water . . . raft IN Sri Lanka

Rafting the Kelani

The south coast of this island nation offers the ideal combination of lush tropical jungle and the powerful Kelani river for the perfect rafting adventure, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or are more advanced. Let yourself be taken by the swell of the river and feel the power of the waves as they rock, roll and crash over your boat. Cutting through the water, you’ll battle the foam-crowned turbulence, brave the river’s fierceness and be swept along by the adrenaline. This is more than just an experience; it’s a sensation that you’ll remember when you close your eyes every night. Ready to plan your Sri Lankan adventure? Learn more.

Average flight time, India to Sri Lanka: approx. 2- 3 hours

Don’t miss: Watching female sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs at night – an ancient and extraordinary ritual.



This unspoiled wilderness and its complex history will strike a chord with the curious soul. Here, you’ll live in the moment, wandering the streets and markets of the Old Quarters in Hanoi; exploring the cultural heritage of Saigon; kicking back in a traditionally built junk and cruising the brilliant blue waters of Hanoi bay, past immense limestone karsts. Your inner flaneur will thrive on the stop-motion rhythm and buzz of this timeless city. Curious about Hanoi? Learn more. 

Average flight time, India to Vietnam: approx. 4 hours

Don’t miss: Eating the local delicacy, Gat Gu, which is a steamed and rolled rice pancake.

If you’re completely wild about wildlife . . . EXPlore Bali


It’s all about the elephants. Here, you’ll get up close to these magnificent tusked pachyderms. You’ll feel their curious trunks and stroke their rough skins. You’ll offer them a tasty banana by way of introduction. You’ll climb onto the back of an endangered Sumatran elephant and take a thrilling ride through emerald jungles that lead to quiet streams, feeling their powerful muscles undulating beneath you. You’ll marvel at the elephant’s balance of grace and strength, their four-toed feet a reminder to stay grounded even when soaring high. Keen on climbing on top of an elephant? Learn more.

Average flight time, India to Bali: approx. 7-8 hours

Don’t miss: Taking a refreshing drink of sweet coconut water straight from the shell.

If you feel like discovering the secret to happiness . . . Stroll Through Bhutan

Hiking through rhododendron

Have you been searching for happiness in all the wrong places? Where better to find it than in this small kingdom in the Himalayas, ranked the happiest country in Asia? The path you walk will wind through little forests of rhododendrons, across glacial valleys and ascend mountain peaks crowned with ancient monasteries. You’ll hike slowly, breathe deeply, let the colors and smells saturate your senses and find bubbles of joy in birdsong, the flame of a flower, the scent of pine, the crest of the mountain and in the smiles of kind people; happiness in its most natural form. Need a boost of fresh air and positivity from Bhutan?  Learn more.

Average flight time, India to Bhutanapprox. 2-3 hours

Don’t miss: Getting a blessing from a Bhutanese rinpoche – a respected and/or accomplished lama who has achieved a high degree of spiritual awareness and attainment.

Convinced to drop everything and make a quick getaway? Trust us, you won’t be the same person when you return. Learn about our other Quickie Getaways here.

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