by Anoopa Anand

Look, it’s 2015 already. A new year means a lot of things for a lot of people. Some will resolve to work harder than ever this year, a pledge that will last till the first Monday rears its smirking head. Others will resolve to get fit, lose weight, quit smoking: resolutions that will die with the first Sunday brunch, the first donut, the first drink out with friends. Still others will want to make more money or at least get out of debt, both lures that are as much or as little in our control as the brunch, the donut, the drink. But, what if we took a moment at the top of this year to look inwards? What if we learn that too much of all this resolving has to do with the way the world sees us and that it’s never going to be enough? Instead, what if we resolved to change the way we see the world, one hard-working, calorie-burning, non-smoking, fitness-freaking day at a time? The first step to changing the way you see the world is to actually see it, of course. This is where we can help. If it’s the weekly routine that is the cause of all things mundane in your life, we’ll help you get off the beaten path with the most life-changing treks India has to offer. If you’d like to see your resolutions through beer-tinted glasses, we can take you to Goa and help you experience it like you never have before. And if you’re worried that the worst thing about your life is the habits that own you, we’ll take you anywhere in the world you want to go, put you out of your comfort zone, and observe contentedly as your world view changes, one destination at a time.

At Byond, we’re geared to show you the world and introduce its wonders to you in new and exciting ways. We’ll help you plan your travel experiences so that all you have to do is make new stories, friends, and memories. We’ll give you little insights into a well-known destination, or large opportunities to explore the little known; whatever the 2015 version of you desires.

Go ahead, take a pledge and take the plunge. See the world in 2015, and change the way you see yourself. We’ve got your back.

10530714_10154396273540551_664036293811651774_nAnoopa Anand is an editor, writer and animal welfare worker based in Bangalore, India. When she isn’t yearning to find her feet on different shores, she likes to work in animal shelters, read fiction, and do crosswords in auto rickshaws. 

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