How to travel with strangers like the Avengers

The perks and irks of group travel are not new to us. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the road with friends you’ve known for 15 years because the umpteenth squabble over an ordinarily insignificant matter can unleash your inner Hulk in seconds.

You’d be surprised how the minute day-to-day differences between people travelling together can result in uncontrollable rage and irritation – and this, even when you are compatible. If you aren’t, your inner Hulk just might make his presence a little more permanent.

While we’re talking Marvel, remember that even the Avengers have their differing opinions. Sure, they may erupt into the occasional Civil War, but do they make a good team? Of course! Here are a few ways to avoid casualties and be a great team while on the road, whether you’re in Bhutan or Bulgaria.

Being Considerate

Whether it’s being courteous, following the prepared itinerary, or just a smile, it’s always the little things that matter a lot. It’s the easiest way to make friends. If you show people that you care, there is no reason they will treat you differently.


Talking about it

The most frequently offered piece of advice of all time is a simple one : let other people know what’s bothering you. Encourage discussions; it’s easier to live with people once you understand them better. It’s easy to forget, but more often than not people can’t read minds and just need to be told things in order to bring about change.


Checking in with yourself

Avoid neglecting yourself or your needs. Yes, you should be mindful of the others but do not hesitate to use the ‘I’ word if you have to. If things get overwhelming, take a break. Steal yourself some quiet time and calm the Hulk down. Give yourself time to do the things you want to do. Explore the streets on your own. Have your own personal adventure.

This is important for others around you as well because if you are not happy, then it’s going to show, in one way or the other. And we all know that becoming moody and self-obsessed can lead you down a long, dark road just like Loki.

Metaphorically speaking.

Maintaining Hygiene

The one word that will help all of you coexist? Deodorant.


Learning To Appreciate Those Around You

It’s rare to find people who are just like you. And that’s why one of the greatest benefits of travelling with a group is that you get to meet kindred souls. They’ll share your dislike for tourist traps and share in your love for exploring new places, meeting new people, tasting weird-looking new cuisines and singing along to embarrassing music. Remember to appreciate your new friends for all their eccentricities and quirks.


Remembering Why You Started

The most important thing to do (besides, of course, keeping good hygiene) is to recollected why you started. Travelling with strangers will obviously not be a bed of roses. But armed with our 6 commandments,  it’s the start of the adventure you’ve always dreamt about. You’ll find that your next group getaway will turn into years of bonding and even more years of reminiscing over your escapades and adventures.


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