Is Jordan safe to visit? Yes, it is!

It’s a question that arises frequently whenever issues in certain areas of the Middle East make it to the media. At first glance, Jordan appears unsafe simply because of mainstream media reporting on events in nations around the kingdom, which can make travellers apprehensive. But as blogger desi Traveler (Prasad NP) discovered, a visit to Jordan shatters all such misconceptions. In fact, if there is one destination to choose in the region, it should be Jordan!

So, if you’re one of those people who’re staying away from Jordan based on what you see in the media . . .

We’ve taken some tips from Prasad’s blog and added some of our own to show you why you shouldn’t miss out on camping under the stars in Wadi Rum, exploring a rose-red city carved into a mountain, and drinking cardamom coffee with Bedouins.

1. Jordan is VERY safe

So much so that it’s been listed as the safest place to travel in the Middle East! Jordan reveres peace and Jordanians pride themselves on its being one of the most secure, liberal and modern countries in the region. “During our trip to Jordan,” Prasad says, “We traveled the country in a car and not even once we felt we are unsafe or in hostile environment. We tried lots of food, visited different places stayed in some really luxurious hotels and freely mixed with locals and enjoyed every moment we were in Jordan.” Honestly, the main thing you’re most in danger of in Jordan is probably sunstroke, so don’t forget to take your sunscreen!



2. Our film stars have been there.

Did you know that the beautiful backdrop of the romantic song ‘Dil Tu Hi Bataa’ in Krissh 3, in which Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan is singing to actress Kangana Ranaut, is shot in Jordan?…And they survived!


3. Speaking of Krrish 3, Jordanians love Indians and Bollywood

While wandering the souks in Jordan, Prasad found that many shopkeepers kept stopping him to ask where he was from. “On learning that I am from India,” he says they became very excited. “I got big smiles and most of them introduced me to their friends around as ‘He is from Hind’ and in same breath mentioned that they love Bollywood and Shahrukh Khan.”

4. Jordan is an accessible, safe and fun place for women

Prasad describes Jordan as “a cross road of civilizations,” adding “we saw mingling of traditional Arab culture and values with Western ethos.” Women are free to dress and travel as they please, according to him and others. “For every Burqa-clad woman there were equal numbers of women dressed in western clothes,” Prasad says. “Sometimes with a head scarf and sometimes without covering their head. But there was no difference in the spunk and confidence of the girls dressed in western clothes or the ones wearing traditional dress.” No matter where you’re from, the city is extremely welcoming and hospitable.



5. You don’t have to take just our word for it.

“We think jordan is safe and it’s beautiful . . .we love it here” ~ Eyad, Olga and little Anna
“We feel very safe and welcomed by the people here” ~ Paul and Karina

So, in short, is Jordan a safe place? YES. It’s as safe as any other place in the world. So, the next time anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you’ll know better.

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  1. Who says Jordan is unsafe? I agree with all the points mentioned by Prasad. It is as safe as any other country, I would say.

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