Practical, Trendy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here and so is the heat, but not always in a good way. Yes, there’s sunshine, safaris, road trips, swimming pools, beaches and balmy evenings, but It’s also easy to forget to take care of ourselves along the way. So here are a few simple, DIY ideas to beat the heat with as you travel the world this summer.

BE Practical:

1. Pack mosquito repellent….or mouthwash?: Though the standard mosquito repellant is easily available at most drugstores, did you know that you can turn your Listerine mouthwash into a mosquito wash? All you have to do is transfer the mouth wash into a spray bottle and spray it around areas filled with mosquitoes. Watch the little blood suckers fly away as soon as you spray this magic potion. Most of the time, we’ve already been bitten before we notice the presence of mosquitoes. Listerine can be used directly on the bite as well. The menthol in the mouthwash cools skin to help relieve the itching.


2. Sunblock – An age old remedy taught to us by our mothers and grandmothers, aloe vera is used to treat sunburns and comes in the form of gel with a screening effect. The fresher the plant, the faster it cures burns. It helps to cool the body by absorbing heat and also works to cure damage caused by the sun’s rays. In addition, aloe vera liquid can ease away your sunburn when it’s frozen into ice cubes and applied.


3. Stay hydrated – Drink water. Tons of it. Try and sip cold water, but if that’s not an option then carry a reusable bottle with you and fill up as you go along, at any opportunity. Heat can make you extra tired and drain you of energy, no matter how well-rested you are, so keeping water around you will ensure you don’t suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.


Summer and fashion go together like bees and honey. The trends set in even before the season does! Stay in style this summer with these fashion tips.

1. Color Trends – Summer is welcomed with the addition of light and bright clothing. Whites, yellows, blues and pastels are the most popular hues for summer. Besides the scientific reason that lighter shades absorb less heat, these colors make you feel happy and enhance your mood so you can keep up with the spirit of the season.

Kids summer wear

2. Shorts + Jumpsuits – There’s so much more to summer fashion than frocks. Shorts and jumpsuits are the latest entries into the list of summer favorites. Comfortable, cute and airy, shorts and jumpsuits are wardrobe must-haves!

Jumpsuit summer

3. Sunglasses + Hats – Easily the most favoured accessory, sunglasses now come in all possible shapes, sized and colours. As important as colours are to summer, they now find use in eyewear trends as well with reflective glasses or colour frames. The retro shades are a hot commodity, and if you roll with Kanya fans then you might catch a glimpse of his infamous shutter shades. Hats are also a necessity to shield yourself from the heat and wear some edge at the same time. The fedora, newspaper boy, cowboy hats and many other chapeaus will add that extra edge of zing that will make your outfit stand out. Both sunglasses and hats are protective and fashionable, so be sure to add these to your summer collection today. Bruno Mars is already on top of it, too.

uptown funk

Now that you’re covered on trends and being practical, maybe it’s time to start planning the vacation side of things?

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