Spain & Lisbon through an Instagram Lens

Spain and Portugal: two countries with a million colours, tastes and wines, that are bound to entice you to visit. The spirit of these countries lie in the soul of its locals, their tales of history, vibrant culture and vivid fiestas. Kudos to these Instagram users for showing us Spain and Lisbon in a light so candid, yet magical.

Tram 28, lisbon

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An ideal way to get a good historical impression of Lisbon is a ride on tram no 28. This little yellow trolley passes through the finest districts of the city. The best time to take the tram is either first thing in the morning or early evening.

Street Art – Lisbon, portugal


Street art at its best. Creations of some of the most creative street artists in the world can be found in Lisbon. For those who are serious about art, you can take a street art tour, which apart from showing the artworks, will give you a little background on the artists who created them and the history of the places where they are found.

the Restauradores Square – lisbon, portugal


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If you are looking to soak up some local atmosphere, head straight to Restauradores Square. Located in the Baixa District, it is perfect for a day out with family or a bunch of friends. A sunny day would be the icing on the cake.

Pena National Palace – Sintra, Portugal


Imagine a bunch of stunning castles piled one on top of the other. You’re probably thinking of something out of Disney, but the truth is that it actually exists in real life. Perched atop a lush green hill, The Pena National Palace in Sintra is one of the most colourful and beautiful 19th-century castles you’ll find in the world. Here, you will probably feel like you are in a old-world romantic movie or a fairytale. We won’t blame you if you find yourself breaking into song.

Puerta Del Sol – Madrid, Spain

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Madrid is *the* heart of Spain and Puerta Del Sol is the center of it all. This central square, located just off Plaza Mayor, is perfect for those who love to experience the buzz and craziness of a city. It’s also the symbolic centre of Madrid as all the main streets of the city meet here.

Sunset – Toledo, spain

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“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky” stated Rabindranath Tagore. And at Toledo, the warmth of the sunset sky will truly leave you enchanted.

Cala Sa Calobra – Majorca, Spain


Once a lesser-known destination in Spain, Majorca has today become a beach holiday hotspot. Located amidst the highest mountains and plunging cliffs, this sandy beach cove is not to be missed.

Playa El Codolar – Tossa de Mar, Spain

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An easy getaway from Barcelona, Tossa de Mar is a quaint town situated on the coastline of Costa Brava. As you stroll down its charming streets, you’ll come across a small gate behind which is Europe’s finest beach surrounded by cliffs. Its tiny, sandy, warm and blue with big waves. It’s touristy alright, but not as much as the other more popular beach towns. All the more reason to visit.

the Mosque Cathedral – Cordoba, Spain


Bright is truly beautiful at the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba. One of the most impressive structures in the world, the Mosque Cathedral will leave you in total awe.

Playa de La Barceloneta – Barcelona, Spain

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When in Spain, surfing is a must. What better place than Playa de La Barceloneta to get that adrenaline going? (the picture shows the ocean on one of it’s rare off days). You can always lie down and soak up the Spanish sun with a refreshing drink in hand afterwards.

Sau Reservoir – Catalonia, Spain

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Breathtaking in view, Sau Reservoir is not one of the most sought after attractions in Barcelona but it definitely is worth a visit. It’s located in Sau Valley, which is a municipal territory in Vilanova de Sau in Catalonia. Hiking is quite popular in this neck of the woods.

Palau Sant Jordi – Barcelona, Spain

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Watching a live show at Palau Sant Jordi is the dream for most travellers. Apart from being an indoor sporting arena, Palau Sant Jordi also hosts lot of cultural events and activities including music concerts, dances, shows for children and plays; in fact, Adele will be performing live at the arena this month.

Casa Mila – Barcelona, Spain


Antoni Gaudi designed this surreal wave-like structure way back in 1906. Modernist architecture can be found aplenty in Barcelona. It’s already an impressive sight, but is even more so at night.

Granja Petibo – Barcelona, Spain


For the best brunch in town head to Granja Petitbo. Fresh ingredients and precision cooking is said to be their forte. Brie and smoked salmon on toast topped with poached eggs, and white chocolate pancakes are some of their signature dishes. Barcelona is filled with cozy cafes and restaurants that serve interesting local fare, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Hotel Alma – Barcelona, Spain


Dessert fans, this is your best bet. Elegant and upscale, the Hotel Alma serves a blend of local cuisine and desserts of your choice.

Now, if those pictures haven’t woken the travel bug in you, here’s a link that is going to get you packing in no time! Join us on a journey to Lisbon and Spain this August and see these places come alive beyond just pictures.

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