The Essential Checklist to Travelling with Your Best Friend

“A good friend knows all your best stories; a best friend has lived them with you!” Who better to take along on that much awaited trip, than your best friend? He/she knows you better than anyone else, is game for all the madness and is still willing to clean up all your mess! Here’s a bunch of adventures you should totally check off your list together:

1. Paint the town red


Make a list of all the coolest bars and clubs you HAVE to visit in a new city and work your way through them till the break of dawn. Starting the night with a couple of Jagerbombs always helps!

2. Speak in a foreign tongue


Download a language App or lug around a handy phrasebook to help you learn the local language of your destination.  And when you’re tired of listening to each other’s awkward pronunciations, just switch back to the language of your choice.

3. Ace your photo-bombing skills


Sick of seeing lovesick couples taking endless selfies? Pull your silliest face and scoot into the frame slyly. Photo-bombing achieved with an A grade!

4. Flirt with the bartender


Who doesn’t love a round of free shots? Even better if they’re flaming, right? Tell the bartender how cute he/she is and prepare for the night to get even more fun!

5.  Get taken for a ride


Yes, that taxi guy knew you guys are new in town and took you by the longest route possible. But hey, the ride gave you time for a quick gossip session and a hasty Facebook update on how awesome this holiday with your bestie is. Win win!

6. Make a bunch of new friends 

Bars and queues for tourist attractions are some of the best places to strike up conversations with new people. Get handy travel tips and swap stories of your craziest travel adventures.

7. Eat something you wouldn’t otherwise

Eating konjac in Japan

How about some fried scorpion? Or baby octopus? Perhaps some char grilled grasshoppers? Work up an appetite and treat yourselves to the most bizarre local gastronomic delights.

8. Go trigger happy


Whip out that camera and chase other tourists to take pictures of you two against the most iconic tourist sites. Extra points for cheesy poses!

9. Lose yourselves


Ask the tourist office for a map, temporarily forget that both of you aren’t very good at reading maps and proceed to go round in circles for a couple of hours. Have a good laugh at your terrible navigation skills and finally ask someone for directions!

10. Be lazy

travel chilled out

Take time to simply do nothing but laze. Chill in a park, treat yourselves to some ice cream and do some people watching.

11.  Miss your flight back home


Party so hard that you don’t even know when you passed out, only to wake up past noon and realize that you’ve missed your flight. It may just get you an extra day of vacation time!

12. And last but not the least, set social media ablaze!


Selfies galore. Tweet it. Post it. Instagram it. Let everyone back home know what a smashing time you’re having on holiday with your best friend.

Travel with your best friend. Who else are you going to share a laugh with when you’re 80 years old and complaining about back pain? Build the kind of memories that make your grandkids jealous and your children proud.

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