The Goan Gobbler: Beer snacks to bait your belly with

Long live the Kings! From calamari to cutlets, from whitebait fry to Mandeli fry, here’s a happy trail of the best beer snacks that Goa has to offer.

There’s a reason why Goa will always have a place in a million holiday travellers’ hearts. There are so many things uniquely Goan that are absolutely worth coming back for, over and over again. Kings Beer, solely brewed in the state of Goa, is one of them. Any trip to Goa that does not involve this beer would amount to sacrilege, unless of course, you’re a teetotaler. For Rs. 35, this smoky malt-scented, light pint is a steal. All great beers requires great sides and it isn’t just chance that Goan cuisine has so much to offer by way of a perfect snack to go with beer. Here are a few snacks that will dazzle your taste buds while you’re on a pint-downing spree.

Given its repeatedly successful pairing with a King’s beer, the Goan sausage is perhaps the queen of Goan cuisine. If you’ve ever walked through Mapusa market, you’ve mostly likely seen them hanging outside stalls. The Goan sausage is in some sense a pickled sausage. It is made of pork meat, vinegar, chili, ginger, garlic, and other spices and often simply had with Pao, a local bread. You will find them in most restaurants around Goa but we recommend you try them at Souza Lobo in Calangute.

Goan sausage


Next up, calamari fry. This is also found practically at every beach shack. Calamari Bathe & Binge in Candolim offers an irresistible plate. Squid, deep fried in batter is said to pair well with anything with bubbles. Crunchy and with the right amount of spice, you might want to avoid a plateful if you’re taking a bubble bath, but it’ll go fabulously well with your beer. It is served with a heavenly cheesy garlic dip.

Calamari fry


Fish fried in Semolina (called Rava in India) batter is common in Konkani/Goan cuisine. A plate of whitebait fry prepared in this style will go perfectly with that pint. It will certainly build your appetite for more. Try this at Bhatti Village in Nerul. While you’re there you might want to try the beef cutlets too. Be warned: Bhatti Village is well known for its wide range of authentic Goan dishes. Don’t be surprised if you consume a full course meal here.

6-white bait fry
White bait fry


Kurlya sukke (crab masala) is a must for the seafood lover. It is an authentic Goan preparation of crab. Don’t be intimidated by the tedious process of getting past the shell; it will truly be worth it. Try this at Britto’s at Baga beach.

1 crab fry
Kurlya sukke


Golden anchovies are popular and very common along most coasts, but the Goan Mandeli fry preparation stands out a mile. An extra crunch is added by the semolina (rava), very similar to the whitebait fry. The importance of the size of a starter is often overlooked. Mandeli is perfect. It fits right in your mouth and it does not require the extra effort of using a knife and fork. We recommend that you try this at Viva Panjim in Panjim.

4-mandeli golden achovies fish fry - no dessertsvegan desserts-f41646
Mandeli fry


Spinach tomato burger at the German Bakery is perfect for vegetarians. The German Bakery is known for its wholesome organic menu.

7- spanichburger topped
Spinach tomato burger

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