The Lime Diaries – Bangalore – Session 1

Rediscovering the lost art of storytelling at The Lime Diaries

Like Christmas, the planning and preparation for the first edition of the Lime Diaries was almost as fun as the event itself. Six travellers were invited to share their stories, tweets about the evening were tweeted, our live broadcast of the event on Periscope was initiated, and the venue – Arbor Brewing Company in Bangalore – was all set. The excitement in the air was palpable – and evident in the number of people talking and tweeting about our guest storytellers of the evening.

The Lime Diaries kicked off at 8:00 PM on the evening of May 6th, and with a virtual sell-out for the event, we were delighted to see so many travellers, storytellers, and beer enthusiasts gathering in the room. We were only expecting 30 to 40 travel geeks to show up, but imagine our surprise when more than 130 had signed up online!

Mauktik Kulkarni

First up was Mauktik Kulkarni, a writer, filmmaker and nomad who cheated death at 30,000 feet and is currently working on a film about his travels.

Deepthi Chandramowli

Deepthi Chandramowli gave Samuel L. Jackson a run for his money with her unexpected ‘Snakes On A Bus’ hitchhiking detour in South-East Asia story.

Dr. Som Singh

And then . . . there was lap dancing! The effervescent Dr. Som Singh drew the loudest cheers of the evening with her scandalous account of visiting a ‘gentlemen’s club’ in New York, and by giving a lady in the audience a mini lap-dance.

Varun Backliwal

What do you do when you’ve been detained in Tibet? Varun Backliwal’s tale of evading arrest, along with his hilarious pictures, left everyone in the throes of laughter.

Shoma Bakre


Shoma Bakre’s account of rediscovering her roots in Bangladesh was touching and inspirational, resonating with many of those who had heard similar stories of their family history.

Suhel Seth

Our last storyteller of the night was Suhel Seth whose lively narration of travelling to the Arctic was peppered with memorable one-liners, such as “If the journey is going to be tough, do it with someone who you enjoy. Much like marriage.” That’s good advice, Suhel; we’ll keep that in mind 😉

Judging by the spontaneous and lengthy applause after each storyteller, we think everyone present got what they wanted – good, meaningful storytelling, and plenty of laughs.


All in all, it was an evening of inspiring talks, spontaneous cheers, and great beer. We can’t wait for the next edition! Stay tuned, it’s already in the works;)

To be considered as a storyteller at our next event, or to stay updated on when we hold the next Lime Diaries, you can sign up here.

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