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Peru. It’s a country of excitement, intrigue and awe, a land of towering rainbow-coloured mountains, ancient Inca citadels and lots of llamas, a travel destination that guarantees a ton of unforgettable memories. (We’re also going to Peru this November! SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS)

And that’s exactly what Ryan Sadri, one of the country’s leading saxophonists, discovered during his trip to Peru last year. Sadri, for the uninitiated, has been composing and recording original music since 2003. He has performed on every major stage in the country and toured abroad, as a solo artist and with his bands ‘Something Relevant’ and ‘Bay City Lights.’ His newest ensemble group called ‘The Fanculos’ play a high energy mixture of ska, dub, reggae and funk. Check out their music here.

Taking a breather from music, he set off to Peru in 2016 with his wife, Diana; together, they visited iconic spots such as Machu Picchu and ventured off the beaten path, up into the mountains and into the thick of the Amazon as well. Here, he explains why of all the countries in the world, Peru is the one you should visit in 2017, and tells us more about his trip:

How long was the trip?

We were in Peru for a month and it was definitely one of the best trips we’ve gone on.

What was the route?

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We kicked off the trip in Lima and then made our way to Puerto Maldonado, a small southeastern town in the Amazon rainforest, where we camped for three days.

Then, it was onwards to Cusco, which is definitely a must-visit. It’s a buzzing town filled with travellers as well as the capital of the Incan empire so you’ll come across ancient ruins and colonial buildings just around the corner.

Next up: a five day trek into the mountains. After that, we made our way to Colca Canyon stopping en route to visit Lake Titicaca (where you’ll find some of the best hot springs of Peru) for some well-deserved R&R.

Our last two stops were the beautiful city of Arequipa and then Lima to round up the trip.

What are items you must carry for a trip to Peru?

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Aside from your standard packing fare, anything you may need such as international plug adaptors to trekking gear, you should be able to purchase at metropolitan cities.

What was your favourite experience from the trip?

There were a lot of experiences on this trip that were fabulous, but I think that my wife and I both really enjoyed trekking into the mountains. Neither of us are professional hikers or trained especially for the Asungate trek so it was definitely challenging, but that’s also why it was incredibly fulfilling.

The route led us through mountain passes to the iconic and appropriately named Rainbow Mountain, striped in maroon, mustard yellow, soft greens, white and pale blue. It’s one of those fantastical places that seem like it came from a Dr. Seuss book and needs to be seen to believed.

What? But what about Machu Picchu?!

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Pictures cannot come close to capturing the experience of actually being there. Machu Picchu is truly glorious.

There’s so much to see there so I recommend taking a very early bus up to the site so that you can explore it without the crowds. And make the extra effort to hike up to Huayna Picchu where you’ll be able to take your very own iconic shot of you with Machu Picchu in the background.

Were there a lot of llamas around?

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There were as many llamas in Peru as there are cows in India – or at least it seemed like it. Everywhere we went, there were alpacas and llamas everywhere, roaming the roads, dotting the mountainsides and photobombing everyone’s pictures 🙂

Okay, so what is the one thing you have to do when in Peru?

Visiting Machu Picchu, as well as venturing into the Amazon.

would you recommend Peru as a must-visit destination?

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If after reading this interview, you, like us, cannot wait to see Machu Picchu in real life too, or if you want to stroll the streets of Cusco and eat South America’s most delicious food in Lima, we have good news! We’re going to PERU IN NOVEMBER and we’d love for you to join us!  For more information, fill in the form below.

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