Extremely Useful Travel Tips Every Woman Needs Right Now

In the spirit of making ‘ugh’ and ‘oh, no’ disappear from your travel vocabulary, we bring you travel wisdom to know before you go by women, for women.

How To Dress Great While Travelling & Not Have Excess Baggage



A packing list is usually as unique as the women it belongs to. You’ll want to pick and choose depending on whether you’re touring Italy or trekking through Bhutan; nevertheless, here’s how you can avoid fines at the airport and still dress great on the road:

Take clothes that you can mix, match and layer- that way you’ll feel like you have more outfits. But pack a LBD. Just in case.

Pick clothing that is lightweight, crumple-free and fast-drying.

Pack a couple of practical but pretty accessories like scarves, headbands, hats and cardigans.

It’s best not to emulate Carrie Bradshaw in this case. Stick with packing comfortable and practical shoes first.

Don’t bring expensive jewelry that can’t be replaced and would make you upset to lose. Instead, opt for statement pieces that can turn even a basic top and jeans combination, classy.

“Don’t underestimate the humble scarf or stole. It doubles up as a turban, a dust and sun block, a shawl, a muffler, a sarong, a sitting mat, a cool swab and a pillow!” ~ Priya Ganpathy, blogger, RED SCARAB TRAVEL & MEDIA


How To Keep Your Clothes Fresh & Keep Everyone Guessing



Smelly clothes and unexpected stains and spills are an inevitable part of travelling. Here are a couple of strategies to keep your clothes looking store fresh:

Separate your clothing into groups and seal them in plastic bags. They’ll stay fresh until you have an opportunity to wash them.

Place a dryer sheet somewhere in your suitcase and your clothing will smell like clean laundry throughout your journey.

If you have a stain remover pen, don’t leave home without it.

Tuck a laundry bag into your luggage and put all your dirty clothes in there.

Don’t fold your clothes, roll them. In case you aren’t blessed with a wrinkle-free wardrobe, rolling your items saves them from being creased, and will also save space in your suitcase.


How To Look Great On The Road & Make Everyone Jealous


Looking good and travelling aren’t exclusive, ladies. Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean your beauty regimen has to suffer. Here’s how you can impress that woman in the mirror:

Moisturize – Flying can dehydrate your skin drastically. Using hydrating facial cream to lock in moisture is key to having healthy skin.

Refresh with mineral water spray – Instead of using foundation or blush to freshen up your look, lightly mist your face with a mineral water spray.

Lip gloss > lipstick – Lipsticks will dehydrate and parch your month so opt for gloss instead.

Avoid eye make-up. Mascara and eye shadow will smudge and run.

Take a small toothed comb to detangle your hair. Learn a few hairstyles that don’t require much more than a hair tie before you go.

“If you must wear make-up, cleanse it off in-flight and combat the dry cabin air with a mask or moisturiser” ~ Revati Victor, blogger, DIFFERENT DOORS

How To Keep Safe During Your Travels & Be Stress-Free


Every year, thousands of women travel around the world by themselves or with friends and enjoy a safe, smooth, stress-free getaway, but it’s always wise to take some extra precautions. Here are a few practical pointers:

Be extra-prepared and self-reliant – carry cash, a map, a guidebook, and a phrase book – so that you don’t need to depend on anyone else.

Dress like a local – Adhering to traditional wear is a great way to respect the local culture as well as blend in.

Choose your accommodation carefully – Opt for places with a good safety record even if they’re pricier.

Be smart about stashing your valuables – Keep your cards, cash and passport in secret places in your bag or on your person. This won’t eliminate the risk but reduces the possibility.

Lie about your profession – When someone asks, tell them you’re a policewoman or martial arts teacher 😉

“Always leave your itinerary with someone and keep scanned copies of your documents on your email.” ~ Preeti Verma Lala, freelance travel journalist

Want more tips? Check out our blog post for useful advice from some of India’s renowned women travellers.


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