Why I Hate Women-Only Trips by Mridula Dwivedi

Women-only vacations seem to be increasingly popular these days – grab a few of your besties, and off you go. But I personally find it hard to think up convincing reasons one would have to go on such a trip. I have no trouble at all, however, listing things I love that women-only vacations are strongly lacking in.

I love children and their tantrums

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I truly love children and traveling with them – who wouldn’t? The joy of needing to feed them all the time, of having to keep an eye on them to see they don’t destroy an item in a store while you’re looking away from them for a second. And don’t you just love it when they lunge at each-other in public, brawling and screaming in front of everyone? No souvenir is as precious as these memories! Now, would you get this excitement on a women-only trip? I think not.


I love to travel for work

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Don’t get me wrong, I do love to travel for work – after all it has taken me to faraway places such as Greece and England. I loved getting up early in the winter when it was dark outside, and then spending the entire day indoors at meetings when the weather was glorious outside – and then, emerging from the office buildings when it was pitch dark again! How else would you learn to appreciate the interiors of buildings in foreign lands?


I adore planning everything for everyone

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I love to plan everything for everyone on a family vacation – and then get criticized for it. I adore organizing every last little detail only for my family members to settle themselves in front of the TV in a resort when we reach our destination. I like handling food choices that must cater to everyone’s tastes while, again, being constantly criticized for it. Now, will a women-only trip also give me an opportunity to hone my planning and crisis management skills?


I love shopping in a hurry for others

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The best part of shopping is doing it for everyone else in the least amount of time possible. I love those impatient looks that I get while I try decide what to buy. As for bargain hunting, I feel the only way anyone should do it is rushed. After going through my shopping as fast as humanly possible, I love leaving the store and being told that I still took ages in there. Now, will this ever happen on a women-only trip where everyone is cheerful and easy to get along with? I doubt it.

There you have it. In comparison to these reasons, women-only trips sound too relaxed and fun. Why on earth would anyone bother?



Mridula Dwivedi, one of India’s leading travel writers known worldwide for her blog ‘Travel Tales From India.’ Her writing has been published by the BBC and in The Guardian and self-published a book titled ‘‘100 Things to Know About India – Before You Travel.’ Mridula’s adventures have taken her all over the globe; she has been snowmobiling in Finland, shopped at the night market in Cambodia and even stumbled (inadvertently) upon the red light district in Amsterdam.


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