Why Not To Travel To Jordan

If you’ve ever watched CNN then you probably already know why you shouldn’t visit Jordan, or anywhere in the Middle East, for that matter. Here are 12 more reasons not to visit Jordan.

1. The Dead Sea is just like any other body of water out there.


The lowest point on the earth is in no way relaxing and it’s high salt level does no good to our body. But what if it does?

2. There are no superhero tales that ever come out of this place.

Like the Transformers in Petra,

Source: Pinterest

or Indiana Jones in his search for the Holy Grail.


3. And that Red Sea…such dangerous waters to tread!

Diving in the Gulf of Aqaba (photographer: Bertie Gregory)

It’s not like the Red Sea is home to 1,000 species of fish that you can just take a dip and swim with. Are you brave enough to see for yourself?

4. Amman: Just your average city skyline.

Why would anyone want to visit a city that is filled with history?

5. And people in Jordan hate visitors.

With Bedouin Arabs in Petra

All those smiles you see are fake and forced.

6. The views are just whatever.

Wadi Rum

Keep those eyes closed!

7. There’s not much to satisfy your appetite.

Nothing mouth-watering or appetizing about all that color, flavor and meat.

8. You can’t take your family here.

Wadi Rum

Obviously, the kids are bored.

9. It’s historically disappointing.

Would you really want to waste your time visiting a city of well-preserved ruins?

10. The only wildlife here are boring camels.


This is not a picture of a hyena in Jordan. It can’t be.

11. Who would want to visit the same places as Jesus?

The River Jordan

It isn’t like two of the most influential historical Biblical figures, John the Baptist and Jesus, bathed and were baptized here.

12. Shopaholics and culture-seekers would be so bored.

Amman Souk

Why would you shop at a market place filled with souvenirs made by the locals instead of just heading to a mall in your own country?

So, there you go. Be very, very careful, and visit at your own risk.


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