Why You Need to Travel With Strangers Now

There’s a certain easy comfort that comes when travelling with friends or family. You know each other’s routines, how they like their coffee, what books they’re sure to bring along and who is most likely to flood your Instagram feed! So why on earth would we recommend you skip a trip with your peeps and travel with a bunch of total strangers instead?

1. For one, you get to make a gang of new friends


Travel is the perfect way to create lasting friendships and discover a bunch of people that you may never have come across in your regular life. It’s always exciting to see new places and bond over your shared love for new adventures!

2. You can go Dutch


Keep an eye out for other solo travelers, looking to do the same sights as you. You can plan to travel together and split the cost of the taxi fare and maybe even share a pizza later.

3. Step out of your comfort zone


You’re bound to come across different types of people and travelling with new people, which will challenge you to accept them as they are and not let their differences ruin your holiday too much. Just brush your shoulders off and truck on.

4. You learn so much about people


Because you don’t have a travel buddy to chat incessantly with or take pictures with, you’re more likely to actually notice others. Little things like their accents, their habits, their nervous ticks, the way they laugh – all little secrets that can help you get better insight into human nature.

5. An awesome new playlist

Young friends listening to music together --- Image by © Corbis
Young friends listening to music together — Image © Corbis

Check out what travelers around you are listening to and spread some music love. It’s a great conversation starter and who knows, their playlist could already contain your soon-to-be favourite song.

6. Learn some travel hacks

http://www.soulpurposetravel.in/, photo by Mimi Chakrobarti

There’s always someone on the road that has travelled a little more than you and probably has a truckload of tips and cool hacks to share. The coolest travel apps to use, the best places to eat, great bargain buys, the nicest hotel rooms – pick their brains for a bit and learn how to up your travel game.

7.  Time-out

http://www.soulpurposetravel.in/, photo by Mimi Chakrobarti

The best part of traveling with people you don’t know is that there is no obligation to be chatty or interesting. Zone out when you want to and enjoy your quiet time, without feeling like someone is judging you.

So pack your bags and book your tickets and take a journey with the unknown. Who knows, you may just end up making a new best friend!

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